Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum

We are pleased to present the photography of Dick Acton Sr.  Mr. Acton was a railfan who made numerous trips to Bradford in the 1950s to photograph the Pennsylvania Railroad.   Mr. Acton's pictures are now in the collection of railfan David Oroszi who has been kind enough to make them available to us.    Imagine standing next to Mr. Acton when he took these photos and being able to witness first-hand these scenes from Bradford's railroad history.   Bill Haines

K4 5482 leads mail train #12 under Bradford's coal dock on June 15, 1952

N2 7962 heads east by Bradford Tower on April 20, 1952

J1 6490 heads west out the Logan Side on March 9, 1952

Baldwin Shark 9573 leads an eastbound freight by Bradford depot on Sept 30, 1952

J1 6462 pulls an eastbound freight through Bradford on April 19, 1952

Baldwin Shark 9715 heads an eastbound freight into Bradford off the Greenville side on March 30, 1952

Fairbanks Morse H10-44 9082 switches cars near Bradford's coal dock on June 2, 1952

F7 9801 leads an eastbound freight through Bradford on March 30, 1952

Alco PA 5752 heads east with mail train # 12 on May 9, 1953

Baldwin Shark 9581 heads a westbound freight through Bradford on March 30, 1952

F7 9802 leads a westbound freight up the Logan side April 19, 1952

An eastbound freight coming off the Greenville side as seen from the tower on May 9, 1953.

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